Empowering brands to unlock the full potential of their customers by leveraging transactional data

Founded in 2019, Zeal is an innovative London-born, Cairo-based startup backed by global strategic investors to empower brands with the next generation of payments, loyalty, and AI-powered insights. We provide our merchants with world-class data, analytics & tools to predict consumer behavior using Artificial Intelligence to enable merchants to unlock the full potential of the customers in the most convenient user experience.

Our App

Every time a card transaction is made on a POS terminal, merchants lose a chance to identify and retain their customers. POS terminals were built to process payments and not to identify/retain customers.

We built an award-winning middleware that integrates on POS terminals worldwide to analyze, reward, and enable merchants to reach back to their paying customers. Customers are also able to track their payments and loyalty points via Zeal, a consumer-facing app.

Our Team

We're a diverse bunch, but we share the same core values: we're passionate, energetic, innovative, committed and gusty. All of us believe and cherish our cause; fostering a powerful bond between merchants and customers.

Our Culture

Zeal strives to create a culture that empowers an agile, innovative, and independent workforce. We love what we do and work with passion every day. We believe that what makes us different is our diversified culture. We’re currently hiring have a look at our Open Vacancies!

Our Values

We started off as an idea dreamed up by our founders that has grown into a promising fast-paced tech startup. Meet the team of game changers and future leaders who are behind it all.

We act as owners

We love what we do and work with passion every day hungry to empower brands to unlock the full potential of their customers by leveraging transactional data.

We work collaboratively together

We're diverse and we believe that great minds don't think alike, and that's what makes us more creative and bring our best ideas to the table.

Everything we do stems from our desire to collaborate together, challenge each other, and generate more impactful results.

We are fun and energetic

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."

At Zeal, we're people-first, meaning we encourage a fun work environment that puts others at ease, boosts energy, encourages creativity, and undoubtedly increases our team productivity.

We are open to change aka "challanges"

The world is going through a massive change thanks to technology and innovations; this shared belief enables us to be flexible and tap into alternative ways smoothly.

We're always exploring, testing, adapting, and above all, learning!

We have amazing interns

Our interns are one of our most valuable assets. They add value by learning and performing a great job on their assigned tasks.

We always believe that investing in potential young talents is mutually beneficial and worth the shot.

Grow with us

We're shaping the future of transactional data with new products to help brands worldwide connect meaningfully with their customers and foster brand love.

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