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Utilize every second of customer engagement data with Zeal dashboards and offer a very personalized experience.

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With Zeal Dashboard, get the tools you need to track customer activities, understand your customer's behavior, analyze your performance, and act on it efficiently to make better-informed decisions.

Single and powerful dashboard

Single and powerful dashboard

Get an overview of your customers and how they use your business alongside rewards, transactions, products, staff, customers, and more at a glance. Safety and security are 100% guaranteed.

Personalized rewards

Personalized rewards

Our data-backed tools analyze customer engagement and help you offer a very personalized and tailored rewards system for the users. — if, for example, you want to recontact visitors to your salon page, you can approach with a special offer or promo code.

Better control

Better control

Based on the insights, you can control when and how to launch a loyalty program tailored to your business needs and suit your customers' preferences.

Customer analytics

Customer analytics

Keep up your business momentum with data analytics tools that will give you a real-time view of your customers' insights, engagement, and revenue for each branch and more.

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How it works


Collect more data inputs by unifying your data into a secure and powerful platform to unlock limitless features and reach a better output with transactional data tools.


Once collected, you can analyze the data and identify what's going on well and what needs to be optimized while streamlining operational efficiency and increasing customer loyalty.


Plan ahead, mitigate risks, reward customers, and more with the Zeal dashboard.

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