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Why Zeal Sandbox?

With Zeal Sandbox, you can safely test transactions, streamline your development process, seamlessly integrate APIs, gain valuable insights, and enjoy cost-effective solution testing.

Your POS Terminal, Smarter

Embed a seamless loyalty program.

All transactions linked to an aggregator loyalty app.

Link basket level data to paying customers.

Customers will associate your terminal with rewards.

Empower your terminal with a unique VAS.

Become your retailers favorite POS terminal.

Enable retailers to retarget their customers

Charge a higher interchange for added value on the POS.

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We enable POS terminals to identify in-store card-paying customers via a middleware that integrates POS terminals with a user loyalty app.

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A sandbox environment is a testing and development environment that simulates the production environment in a controlled setting. It allows payment acquirers to experiment and test the integration of the POS terminal simulator, view API documentation, and access the dashboard without making actual financial transactions.