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Experience the Power of Zeal's POS Plugin: Identify in-store card-paying customers effortlessly and enhance your bank campaigns with our Card BIN* Loyalty

*BIN: Bank Identification Number

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Identify in-store customers

Identify in-store customers

Supercharge your terminal retail experience with the award-winning Zeal Plugin. Unlock in-store customer recognition, tailored offers, effortless loyalty points collection, and redemption. Our solution is terminal-agnostic, seamlessly integrates with any Android or Linux terminal, utilizing AI for predictive insights while connecting effortlessly to premium merchant analytics dashboards and re-marketing capabilities.

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Card BIN Loyalty

Card BIN Loyalty

Harness the potential of your card customer loyalty through Card BIN Loyalty—an innovative solution that activates automated campaigns on your POS terminal by leveraging credit or debit card BIN.

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Terminal Agnostic Solution

Terminal Agnostic Solution

Our solution offers unmatched flexibility as it is entirely terminal-agnostic, seamlessly works on any Android or Linux POS terminal. With direct implementation – Zeal plugin goes live with a quick over-the-air update, streamlining the integration process for tech teams' convenience.

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